I Have A Thing For SHINee

I Have A Thing For SHINee

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A-PINK Bomi-Naeun, Mirror Self-Camera

Thus only Taeun Couple and Jung Couple had there own screen time. Minho gives Taeun Couple their coming-of-age gift. They help Na Eun and Taemin to cut the cake with skinship and then take a photo of them. You are alone at home and you turn on the TV, then a question:

SHINee Taemin’s confession to A-PINK Son Naeun is catching much attention. In MBC “We Got Married” aired today, Taemin and Son Naeun went on a camping trip.

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Korean netizens react to Taemin Naeun Ep 28

For anyone who has questions on why is the comments there, please refer to this link link. There has been many rumours ever since Naeun went to support comeback stage. To make story simple, during the comeback stage recording, WGM cheated fans saying they are from Section TV, and filming while managers were giving out the snacks prepared by Naeun but did not explicitly state who is it from, hence fans assumed it is prepared by SHINee.

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Feel free to join us everyday for our Segments, where you can send in your submissions i have a thing for’s , participate in our survey’s and our Waiting Questions. You rushed downstairs for a quick breakfast before putting on an outfit you picked the night before. After brushing your teeth and pulling your hair in a ponytail, you grabbed your purse and checked off the day on your calendar before heading out the door.

Other than being in the band SHINee, he was your longtime childhood friend that was one year younger than you. You always dated guys who were your age or older, but in the end, it would always end badly. Each breakup, Taemin would be at the door and do anything he could to make you smile again. When he successfully cheered him up and he was half-way out the door, the same conversation took place each time. You chuckle at the memory and shake your head as you continue down the street.

After he told you he was a trainee for S. Entertainment, you two barely saw each other afterwards and dating seemed boring with older guys. You caught up with every episode that showed the Taeun couple and your dating life also started to pick up again, but you would break off the relationship with the guy more often. When June turned to July, Taemin had called you, saying that he would be able to hang out with you on his birthday after his schedule.

Once two had hung up, you sought to make his birthday the best after being with you through your breakups before he became the famous Lee Taemin. You got his favorite brand of banana milk, the ingredients to make his favorite meal, and even a stuffed mushroom toy for laughs.


Dates, outings, and vacations It seems like much of the stuff the couples decide to do together is planned by the writers. Conversations The fights and many of the conversations also often seem scripted or at least prompted by a storyline the writers want to develop. Taemin will probably have to throw a tantrum about too-short comeback outfits worn by Na Eun, Na Eun will probably pout due to Taemin posing with a girl group member for a magazine spread, and they will have some sort of discussion about finances or food that involves disagreement.

Reality and Television Overall, a good deal of WGM is scripted and very few people on the show are good enough at acting to cover the awkward transition to scripted conversations and outings.

The 94line; Naeun and Yookyung both share the same birthday with two SNSD members respectively (Sooyoung and Hyoyeon). The most popular A Pink/Beast pairing is Naeun/Junhyung. Naeun would like to improve her badminton-playing skills in order to be very good in it.

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Cum Tribute: A Pink Son Naeun

As evidence mounted, pictures surfaced, and news sources reported the story, I still expected this to be a vast misunderstanding that everyone would forget when the next scandal hit in 18 hours. Taemin—who is 19 and famous for his gift of losing everything he touches—seemed like a truly odd choice for WGM. In other instances, Taemin appears so shy and eager to please that he smiles sweetly and shows very little personality. I knew zero about Naeun before the announcement.

As I shared in a previous post , I love We Got Married, but find the show to be almost entirely scripted—and badly scripted, at that.

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BLACK PINK – Playing With Fire (불장난)

Sunday, 8 June Why everyone hates WGM A lot of people asked me questions about this a few months back when the issue re-exploded over the Taemin Nae-eun advertisement in the Korean subways. A little understanding of where people are coming from on all sides can only help, right? I’ve seen this question answered a few times but there’s still a lot of fans who are confused as to why We Got Married is despised as much as it is by certain circles of Korean SHINee fans.

As visual members of their respective groups, A Pink’s Naeun and AOA’s Seolhyun sometimes look like they could be very distantly related. Iron alum was used as the base fixing agent and it is known that the marine gastropod, Haustellum brandaris, was used as a red dye, due to its purple-red colorant 6,6 -dibromoindigotin ; the color of the emperor.

As you know, the program is about male and female stars who entered their imaginary married life. Well, some of you may wonder if the couple’s love for each other is real. Before filming the program, the production crew delivers scripts to the cast. They just include general explanation of situation. On the basis of the scripts, the cast prepares for clothes, accessories and more. However, that does not mean that Taemin and Naeun always spoke as the production crew coached them. They plan surprise events and confess love.

Then, do you think the cast members’ emotions toward their partners are real? Well, but it depends on who it is. For example, a female cast who appeared in the program looked like she really liked her partner. But, actually, she was dating somebody else in the real world at the time, while her real boyfriend was one of the most popular Korean stars. As I mentioned above, intended situation and reality are mixed in the program, and that’s why the program has been so popular among people because it makes people confused between imaginary world and reality.

(Video Star EP.53) Thailand Rooftop Date

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