GT Electric Bass Guitar

GT Electric Bass Guitar

Also Available in iTunes About John Tesh For many years, John Tesh went virtually unrecognized as a musician and composer, instead enjoying television success as the co-host of the nightly show biz news magazine Entertainment Tonight; while his initial attempts to mount a recording career were met with scorn and ridicule, he had the last laugh on his detractors, rising to become one of new age instrumental music’s biggest superstars. Born July 9, in Long Island, New York, Tesh began playing piano at the age of six; as a teen, he also played organ and trombone with local rock bands. After graduating North Carolina State University with a degree in music and communications, Tesh worked at a progression of television stations throughout the southeastern U. In , Tesh left CBS to host the syndicated Entertainment Tonight with co-anchor Mary Hart; while television remained his primary focus, he continued writing and performing music, and in issued his first album, Tour de France. Critics panned his brand of melodramatic, orchestral new age music, but the success of further efforts, including ‘s Garden City, proved a growing audience existed for his work. He soon left Entertainment Tonight to focus all of his energies on music, scoring successive hits with the likes of ‘s Sax on the Beach and its follow-up, Sax All Night.

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There are 2 kinds of Lowden Guitar. There were the Lowden guitars that myself and my coworkers made, around per week. Then, there were George Lowden guitars which George made privately at his home on a limited basis.

G&L Legacy Used Electric guitar. G&L Legacy Used Electric guitar in good used condition and complete with case. All our.. £

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Part of a limited run of Korean made Avalon guitars whose production finished in A full-blooded Avalon rightly costs thousands – this guitar offers some of the same standards of quality with the benefit of much lower factory production costs.

The serial number is , which dates production at November I’ve owned it for four years, and it’s certainly a guitar that is settling into age, with the top starting to turn honey. Solid top, laminate back and sides. Excellent Grover machine heads. The top really rings very bright – I’m always taken aback at how loud and big the sound from the guitar is whenever I pick it up.

Very playable – action is nice and low, and the neck is nice and full but still lets you wrap a thumb over easily Excellent condition – the only blemish is a small dent in the finish on the guitar top see photo 4. No hard or soft case, unfortunately – and I certainly don’t want to risk it in the post.

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Every dollar raised will go towards farming charity Rural Aid to spend on drought relief, including the proceeds of a Qantas charity charter from Sydney to Tamworth. Major parts of the 10 hour concert event, which started mid afternoon and concluded just before 11pm with a rousing performance by John Farnham, was featured in a television event on the Nine Network hosted by David Campbell, Sonia Kruger and Richard Wilkins.

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From until , the company produced approximately 15, Lowden acoustic guitars and for a brief period from – also produced a solid body electric bass guitar under the name Goodfellow. The Goodfellow brand was sold to the Shinseido Corp. The workshops in Newtownards were purpose built to facilitate the traditional approach to luthiery adopted by Avalon then Lowden Guitar Co. Uchida also trained the apprentice luthiers, several of whom went on to develop their own guitar design talents which contributed significantly to the development of Avalon Guitars.

Due to limitations in the design licence agreement relating to Lowden Guitars, none of the company’s luthiers were permitted to contribute design ideas to the development of the company’s product range. To rectify this situation, the company created the Avalon Guitars brand in and invited design input from the group of the most experienced guitar makers working for the company at that time.

The new range, called the Avalon Gold series, was launched in

Prohaszka Guitars / Classical / Guitar

I have been building musical instruments since I believe that a musical instrument can represent beauty or harmony only insofar as it is perfectly functional with flawless playability and rich sound. My path as guitar builder began at a Hungarian school of lutherie where I learned to build and repair guitars, violins, and lute type instruments. Afterward, I worked in my teacher’s workshop crafting all sorts of instruments with main focus on violins.

In I went to work for a double-bass workshop where I built and restored double basses, many made be the best European makers dating as far back as the 17th century. The experience serves me well:

Avalon Gold were made by the same people and to the same quality using the same quality materials as Lowden Guitars. Avalon Silver was a budget option to cover .

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In the First Branch of the Mabinogi , entitled Pwyll , Prince of Dyfed, the eponymous prince offends Arawn, ruler of Annwn, by baiting his hunting hounds on a stag that Arawn’s dogs had brought down. In recompense he exchanges places with Arawn for a year and defeats Arawn’s enemy Hafgan , while Arawn rules in his stead in Dyfed. During this year, Pwyll abstains from sleeping with Arawn’s wife, earning himself gratitude and eternal friendship from Arawn.

Image by Ernest Wallcousins , The similarly mythological epic poem Cad Goddeu describes a battle between Gwynedd and the forces of Annwn, led again by Arawn. It is revealed that Amaethon , nephew to Math , king of Gwynedd, stole a bitch , a lapwing and a roebuck from the Otherworld, leading to a war between the two peoples. The denizens of Annwn are depicted as bizarre and hellish creatures; these include a “wide-mawed” beast with a hundred heads and bearing a host beneath the root of its tongue and another under its neck, a hundred-clawed black-groined toad, and a “mottled ridged serpent, with a thousand souls, by their sins, tortured in the holds of its flesh”.

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Annwfn is apparently referred to by several names, including “Mound Fortress,” “Four-Peaked Fortress,” and “Glass Fortress”, though it is possible the poet intended these to be distinct places.

Avalon Guitars

Org Acoustic Music AcousticMusic. Org is a specialty shop of handmade acoustic guitars, mandolins, ukuleles and banjos with an emphasis on steel and nylon string guitars. The inventory normally includes over new, used and vintage instruments. Acoustic Music is here to support the world of the guitar, mandolin, uke and banjo and those who play and collect the instruments.

We view them as a rare combination of Art forms: The Luthiers Art of creation and the instruments ultimate purpose:

Avalon is the leading maker of handmade and custom built guitars in the UK & Ireland blending innovation in design with the finest materials, tonewoods and traditional craftsmanship. We exist to make guitars that are technically perfect and inspiring to play.

Alkire Eharps were made by Harmony and Valco. See this link for information on Eddie Alkire and his ten string steel guitars. Here is the eHarp player’s web site. Bigsby Paul Bigsby is generally considered to be one of the great steel guitar manufacturers. He’s also famous for being one of the first builders of electric solidbody guitars, as well as for the vibrato mechanism seen on Gibson, Gretsch, and many other guitars.

His steel guitars were played by Joaquin Murphey, Speedy West, and many other famous guitarists of the day. Most of the guitars I’ve seen have been double or triple neck guitars, with the name Bigsby prominently displayed on the front of the instrument, usually along with the name of the original owner. He renamed his company Carvin a combination of the names of his two sons, Carson and Gavin and went on to make a wide variety of guitars, amplifiers, and other musical equipment.

Carvin is and was the only sizable guitar maker that sells most of its merchandise through mail order.

Sully Erna

Early life[ edit ] Sully was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He began playing drums at the age of three. His father, Salvatore Erna, was a trumpet player and would rehearse in the basement where Sully would watch and fall asleep in an empty guitar case. His granduncle was a famous composer in Sicily, where every year they honor his music and his pictures are hung in a museum.

Serial dating sets this guitar as a Matsumoku, lawsuit era, Gibson Dove copy. NOLA, BOLERO, SONATA AND TORINO QUALITY GUITARS”. It has the number on a st Aria Guitar Professional Acoustic 6 string. $ arrived. Spruce veneer on top, Hakaranda plywood for side & back is used and it is a good sound of grains. Also.

The Radiotone is, however, slightly deeper bodied, with a 3. Original, distinctly ornate 3-on-a-plate tuners remain and are fully operational. Original Chrome tailpiece likewise intact, with minimal age-related discolouration. It does have an area of wear and a partial fine crack, just next to the bracket. Original Nut may or may not be bone, not sure yet, until I have a closer look at it, but with the zero-fret in place, it is really no more than a string spacing guide.

As such e may decide to replace it, as the existying spacing really does not take full advantage of the extra fingerboard width on the guitar. The floating bridge appears original, complete with the thumbwheel adjusters, but does have slight damage to the integral saddle, and came here installed the wrong way round. Part of the treble-side fingerboard binding is loose, and this will be re-fixed, in conjunction with other work on the fingerboard. Overall, the condition is considered to be as good as you will find on a circa 80 year old vintage archtop acoustic – as I hope you can see in the photos, it remains a superbly handsome guitar!

Overall it is smart for a guitar this age, with a lot of original shine and depth of colour to the superb, dark, Cremona Sunburst! It will be re-strung with a set of Martin Bronze Light or similar strings, unless a buyer specifies another type.

The guitar of Mississippi John Hurt. Volume 2, Avalon blues

I am Balazs Prohaszka, a luthier from Hungary. I have been building musical instruments since I believe that a musical instrument can represent beauty or harmony only insofar as it is perfectly functional with flawless playability and rich sound. My path as guitar builder began at a Hungarian school of lutherie where I learned to build and repair guitars, violins, and lute type instruments.

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A great guitar is all about the wood. And a great guitar maker, or luthier, knows how to choose that wood, how to shape it, how to let it breathe, how to let it sing. George Lowden , who has been designing and creating acoustic guitars in Northern Ireland since , is a true connoisseur of timber. He travels the world in search of the highest-quality specimens, from Alpine spruce and African blackwood to sinker redwood, a rare and expensive kind of wood that has been buried in the silt of Californian rivers.

How thick do I make the soundboards, how high do I make the struts, how do I get the balance between structural integrity and tonal responsiveness? On one shelf, ebony finger-boards are slowly drying out, a process that takes many months. Close by, a stack of mahogany neck-blocks are undergoing a similar evolution.

Aria Acoustic Guitar

Thunder Chief bass series — 1. Tacoma gloss models, use lacquer based UV polyester applied to the thickness of about three layers of standard paper. It is then sanded flat and buffed to a gloss. What types of finish options does Tacoma have available? How do I clean my guitar? Apply a small amount of pump polish to a soft dry cloth to clean the surface.

Explore handcrafted guitars and mandolins by Eastman. The warranty is extended to the original retail purchaser only and may not be transferred or assigned to subsequent owners.

They had the vision of a new generation of electrical guitars without heavy technical limitations thwarting clarity. At the same time, they dreamt of acoustic guitars that would be easier to amplify. They came up with a unique system to build guitars which are not just a mixture of acoustic and electric guitars but a revolutionary new approach to guitar building. Rolf Spuler made this gorgeous nylon-stringed instrument in The design is rather futuristic.

The semi-solid body is made of beautifully grained mahogany and is elegantly curved with petal-like holes. The strings are knotted where you would normally expect the head and the tuners to be. There are two additional frets for low D as well as an E clamp for standard tuning. The tuners are on the back of the guitar behind the saddle which consists of Individually adjustable string saddles to improve intonation, sitting on long slots elegantly surrounded by Rosewood.

The instrument can be connected to the Paradis polysubbass, a multiple octaver incomparable to other interfaces or effects.

Avalon Americana Series Guitar

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