Greek Speak: Date Party Dos and Don’ts

Greek Speak: Date Party Dos and Don’ts

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Krystal. I had never seen someone quite that beautiful and I knew at that very moment that I had to meet her. The question that always ran through my head was why is she here? Phi Sig’s didn’t hang with Theta’s — it just wasn’t the way that we did things and that’s always intrigued me. She wanted to branch out, meet new people and break through the barrier. As silly as it all seems today — this whole Greek thing — it wasn’t back then and this is how our story began.

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LinkedIn During the first week of school for a new student, there is a question that always arises; is going Greek worth it. You have heard both sides of the story. From the national news belittling fraternities for allegations sanctioned against them to the infamous party stories that legends are made from.

Both have their pros and cons. In the end it is your decision to choose what type of lifestyle you want to live during your prime college years.

Feb 09,  · Even if every single fraternity in the school is sub-par, joining one is 10x better than being a GDI. You’ll get a group of friends, and most of all, you could the .

You eat meals on Greek Street. You go to socials on Greek Street. You hang out with other Greek members… on Greek Street. So, if you do manage to meet someone outside of the Greek community, how do you handle it? No, PKA, not all of them are in your house. Problems that can come with fraternizing with the enemy include: While you might know that the cutest SigEp in the roller rink just had a nasty breakup with your APhi sister, the girl you brought from your OChem class might not and might try to snag a SigEp formal date while she has the chance.

Your dates are your responsibility. And, while you might prefer hanging out with the bros or with the rest of your sorority, compromise can be important. Split your weekends with your two groups of friends, start the night with one group and end it with another or just shove everyone together. Who knows, your best friend could end up dating the hottest tennis player or that funny guy you know from Phi Dex.

Greek life really is a way of life and sometimes people who are separated from the Greek community have a hard time understanding why we choose it. But dating, or being friends with, an outsider can make you appreciate those who know how your life is on the day-to-day and can help GDIs connect with those of us that do, or will, proudly call 34th Street home.

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San Fransisco Rose for karaoke Thursday: The only thing worse than not making it to Homebar Thursday is being uncomfortably sober at Homebar and subjected to watching a group of Kappas dance in a circle to Britney Spears while taking pictures of each other. Homebar is also great because if you’re not dating your dealer and you don’t have any connections to an SAE, you can always order a gram of coke with your next round of Vegas Bombs and blow lines on the picnic tables out back with your besties.

I dated one independent (sorry but I hate the term GDI with a passion) who went Greek way after we broke up. The guy I dated after him was a pledge at the time then became a brother. I will say, the second guy understood things a lot more: having obligations, sisterhood, having secrets, being stressed about r-week, etc. Together we also actively wanted to bring our houses together which was fun and .

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How to Get With a Sorority Girl If You’re Not in a Frat, Plus Dealing with a Chick’s Daddy Issues

In Greece, when a Greek guy dates a Greek girl, its just a guy dating a girl, because everyone is Greek. I am an Australian lady who happens to consider herself to be British. Is it different to date a greek man dating a greek guy you are greek. I have recently dating a greek guy a relationship with a second generation Greek man. Dating a greek guy Also, when I met these guys, I didn’t tell them I was in a sorority at first.

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Twitter College Sorority Life. Everyone has their own opinion of the sorority girls on campus. They are the “sluts”, “bitches”, “party girls” or “slackers”. There are ideas and stereotypes whispered around every college campus that offers a Greek Community. If you aren’t Greek, you probably hate the sorority girls and fraternity guys. I know, I’ve heard it many times. But I’m a sorority girl, and I don’t fit any of those stereotypes.

I’m just a normal college student that wanted to get involved on campus and make lifelong friends, just like the rest of my sisters. Walking into a sorority house as an outsider can be intimidating. Girls are all over the place. They know each other inside and out. If you are a guy, you can only be in the common area – no boys allowed in the bedrooms!

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If you have any requests, hit me up! Having you by his side while fighting the Glara is perfect! I mean, what were the chances that he ended up with you! Him seeing you fight inspires him to fight!

But Greek Life is not for r is dating one, but you come to your decision based off fact, not rumor or hearsay, or stereotypes. -Signed: a Devastating Diva& Graduating Senior, who does WORK in my community, Is about my SCHOLARSHIP,and can be owt leading a Stroll 🙂 hahaha.

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Should I Join a Fraternity/Sorority?

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One of my favorite couples (right up there with Darcy & Elizabeth) is Cappie and Casey from ABC Family’s old show GREEK. They are adorable. Freshman year of college they started dating (and broke up, and started dating, and broke up, and started dating).

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Cinnamon Roll Break Photo by Amy Erickson This year at Winterfest, Alpha Phi had nice, homemade treats galore, which was the perfect way to take a break from watching rowdy fraternity brothers play each other in not-so-nice games of broomball. AEPhi knows the answer to that question is no one. What could be better? All you can eat Chipotle? The Very Hungry Kappapillar is a pie-eating contest where teams of five compete against each other. Kappasta is an annual philanthropy event serving all-you-can-eat spaghetti and meatballs.

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Nov 04,  · Being greek is not just about being popular, It helps to be in one of the best (if not THE best) houses on campus, as we Sorostitutes are, but being greek is about making friends for life, helping others and having a raging good time doing it.

She is basically asking if being in a bottom tier sorority is like being a GDI Here is her Q and my personal opinion below! A question to ponder while you’re bored in class And by better, I mean which position is most likely to allow you a to have some fun b to find a man and c to be the least pathetic I know what I think, but what do ‘yall think??? Being greek is not just about being popular, It helps to be in one of the best if not THE best houses on campus, as we Sorostitutes are, but being greek is about making friends for life, helping others and having a raging good time doing it.

Even the socially awkward weirdo houses have frats just like them, and they can socialize and date in those confines. Being a GDI means you will be friends with just anyone, don’t care as much about your future and have no goals. When we send girls through recruitment we can usually clearly see which girls will end up where, but what we tell them is true- you WILL end up where you belong.

Greeks vs. Non-Greeks

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